Corona news: 16 corona patients in intensive care unit in hospital


In this live blog we will keep you informed on Saturday about all events surrounding the corona crisis in Brabant.

The main topics:

The number of corona patients in intensive care has increased by one since Friday. As a result, there are still 16 patients with Covid-19 on the ICU, reports the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS).

The number of corona patients in hospitals outside the ICs has increased by 2 in the past 24 hours to 75. “The occupancy of beds with Covid patients in Dutch hospitals still shows a stable picture. In some regions, no Covid is currently -patients more often admitted to the clinic or ICU “, explains chairman Ernst Kuipers of the National Network Acute Care.

Bar owners have a hard time during the corona crisis and can sometimes just keep their heads above water. However, that did not stop Rogier Jongeneelen from Breda from opening his own cafĂ© now, but it still did in Antwerp. “Of course it is exciting how it will go, but that uncertainty is always there.” Read his entire story HERE.

On day 2 of the EU summit on budget and a recovery plan for the corona crisis, Prime Minister Rutte joined the main countries for preliminary consultations. EU President Charles Michel has convened Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, because a stalemate was signed on Friday. The attitude of the Netherlands in particular caused annoyance at the time. According to other countries, the Netherlands is the main obstacle to agreeing on the

multi-year budget and especially the associated recovery fund of 750 billion euros on the table.

In the beginning of the intelligent lockdown, the traffic jam problem was solved, like snow in the sun. Morning and evening rush hours, it quickly became something we only knew from the past. But mass work from home is now a thing of the past. Dennis Mooij of the ANWB: “In terms of traffic intensity, we are already at ninety to one hundred percent, compared to the situation before the corona crisis. There are almost as many cars on the road again. Only a morning rush hour is still hardly visible. during the day it will get busier, but even the evening rush hours are not yet in proportion to how it always was. ” On just a Friday in June, on June 10 to be exact, it was about half as busy as last Friday.

Last Friday, on July 10, at the ‘worst’ moment there was 300 kilometers of traffic jam. And we all added quite a bit last Friday, when there was 445 kilometers of traffic jam in the Netherlands at the busiest time, around four o’clock in the afternoon .. And suddenly there was a genuine evening rush hour. Not surprising, of course, because the school holiday started in the middle of the Netherlands and many people live in that region. And actually it was all still very modest. “The striker was really nothing compared to such an ‘exit day’ in other years. The 445 kilometers of Friday, without corona crisis, can easily be double.”

NOS reports on its site that 23 potential corona vaccines are currently being tested on humans. Two of them are already being extensively tested on volunteers in Brazil, where there are still a lot of corona cases, by pharmaceutical companies, a British and a Chinese one. If it turns out that fewer corona cases appear in that test group than among the rest of the population, such a vaccine may become available to the general public.


Carnival 2021 is in jeopardy, reports the AD. Major public events are not expected to take place in February. The Association of Carnival Associations in Limburg announces that it is preparing for a party with very great limitations. The Brabant North Safety Region has not yet discussed the matter and points to the corona measures. As long as these apply, there would be no consultation about Carnival 2021.

Google will take action against advertisers and publicists who try to spread fake news, conspiracy theories and other misinformation about the corona pandemic. Content that will be banned on Google’s platforms are, for example, claims that the virus is a fraud or was created as a bioweapon by billionaire Bill Gates.

The vulnerability in RIVM’s Corona infection site, RIVM, could have been identified, if an additional test had been performed before the site went live. Minister Hugo de Jonge reports this to the House of Representatives. He said early last month that the site builder had failed to solve the problem. However, that picture is not correct, according to the minister. At the time, he came up with that statement based on information from RIVM.

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