Corona is back, but the associated programs will remain


At the start of the lockdown, Vincent Fierens presented Stay in your room on VTM. However, now that the measures are being tightened up again, the program remains in the drawer.

Photo: Dirk Vertommen

The coronavirus has never returned, but the TV programming will remain unchanged for the next four weeks. When the lockdown started in mid-March, our channels were right there to launch new formats. For example, on VTM there was Heroes from here: corona, the docusoap in which the emergency services were followed. There was also Stay in your room, in which Qmusic DJ Vincent Fierens reviewed the corona news of the day. Both programs do not return.

Also # corona2020, Eric Goens op Vier’s report magazine, will remain in the archive for the time being. Just like the online series Wim sings, Viktor Vlogdown in Homeparty met Kat. Nor does the VRT plan to have Steven Van Herreweghe re-enter the archive for a second round of Really something for you. So it looks like we’re going to have to do it for a while. Although the channels all record that they “keep their fingers on the pulse and watch the situation from day to day”.


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