Corona Crisis: Uri Melamed Closes Memphis in Jerusalem – Food


Memphis in the Judean camp

Memphis in the Judean campPhoto: Ben Ari Boaz

Uri Melamed, owner of the “Memphis” hamburger chain, closed the Jerusalem branch following the Corona crisis.

” The Memphis government announces in astonishment: The Jerusalem branch has closed. “Yes, four months of Corona have done their thing and we are very sadly forced to close our Jerusalem branch in the Mahane Yehuda market,” Melamed announced.

He detailed the reasons for the difficult decision: ” The closure, the decline in foreign tourism, the decline in domestic tourism plus zero compensation from the state and the lack of knowing when it will all end, left us no choice. For almost three years (an eternity of restaurants) we served our wonderful burger and received a lot of appreciation and love from the crowd and now it’s time to say hello.

” The truth is that every year for the nine days we closed the branch. Only this time it’s a final closure. With the help of the name more good days will come than these. Old men and women were still sitting in Memphis, Jerusalem, holding a hamburger in their hands. Thank you for all the encouragement and support. The Tel Aviv and Petah Tikva branches are continuing the journey, “Melamed added.

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