Corona brewery AB InBev saw sales plummet after outbreak NOW


Bierbrouwer AB InBev, which markets, among other things, the Corona brand, saw its total sales fall sharply in April and May, the Belgian company reports in an explanation of its figures for the second quarter of 2020.

The decline in beer sales was mainly due to the virus outbreak and the subsequent lockdown measures, which forced many pubs to close.

April sales declined by 32.4 percent. In May, the decline was somewhat less severe, at a minus of 21.4 percent. Remarkably, sales in June were higher than in the same period last year, with a plus of 0.7 percent. Total sales in the second quarter amounted to -17.1 percent.

The brewer does not provide specific figures on the sales of the Corona brand. However, the company reports that its three global brands (Stella Artois, Corona and Bud) jointly sold 16.6 percent less worldwide in the second quarter.

Revenue was $ 10.3 billion ($ 8.75 billion). Profit was $ 921 million. That was less than half of the $ 2.3 billion from the same period last year.


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