Corendon and FedEx are going to pick up suitcases at home


“With the new service, travelers no longer have to worry about their luggage. Before departure to the airport, the luggage is already checked in and on the way. In this way we prevent queues at the check-in counters. This reduces contact with ground crew and other passengers. It is a good initiative that should contribute to ensuring that people, in the one and a half meter society, go on holiday safely and responsibly, ”says Corendon CEO Steven van der Heijden.

Not only does the tour operator expect to take away stess, Corendon also believes that more people will take the train instead of the car to Schiphol if they no longer have to lug suitcases.

If you want to use the service, you must check in at least two suitcases. That costs about 35 euros together. Should the test be successful, Corendon plans to offer the service to travelers at Maastricht Aachen Airport as well.

Corendon previously offered such a service via PostNL. Due to lack of interest, that initiative was discontinued after two years.

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