Conte, goleada is not enough: fury with journalists


After the draw against Sassuolo and the painful victory of Parma theInter it gives you an evening of absolute tranquility overwhelming Brescia in San Siro. The 6-0 does not allow replies and confirms the good health of Antonio Conte’s players. Including alleged reservations, such as Alexis Sanchez, lined up in place of Lukaku and protagonist of the match with a converted penalty and two assists.

All within hours of Manchester United’s announcement that the Chilean will only stay on loan until Inter until the end of the season. No Europa League final phase, therefore, should the Nerazzurri qualify.

Conte hopes that the situation will reopen and in the meantime he will strongly attack the journalists guilty of considering the former Udinese as a reserve: “We only had a season with Lautaro and Lukaku and Esposito who, however, played and did not play in the Spring. Sometimes you see the glass half empty but nobody considers that we have only had three attackers for a long time. Having Sanchez in condition leaves me more serene in the choices, as happened with Parma where he gave us an extra gear as a midfielder, because it has different characteristics compared to Lukaku and Lautaro. Now it must continue like this. Future? We didn’t have it for three quarters of the season, I hope to have it with me until the end, but I don’t accept that it is said that he played little. So far he has played all the matches. The problem is that before we didn’t have it … I laugh when I hear this bullshit “..

The Salento technician then minimizes the lackluster performance of Lautaro Martinez: “I received good answers, I had no doubts about this because I have guys with great hearts and courage. We have to improve at the head level because sometimes we do carelessness; I am proud and happy. Lautaro? In matches like this he deserved to make a goal for the opportunities created and to have personal satisfaction. But I am calm, I know that we have this mini-tournament to do and I know I have good, professional guys who love Inter. Then there are qualities and defects, as they all have. But I’m serious about the seriousness of the boys “

OMNISPORT | 02-07-2020 00:07

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