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FROM THE MAIL TO AJA. “Would you like to see the photo of the day?” It is almost midnight when Giuseppe Conte relaxes in the residence of the Italian ambassador in The Hague. The premier is back from a long face to face at the table with the premier Mark Rutte “and I can assure you that it was not a frugal dinner”. The two ate in an Italian restaurant, the Dutch premier’s favorite. But it was a bitter meal.

The bilateral sanctioned the distance between the two on the Recovery Fund, as the head of the government later admitted: “There are various differences” which in diplomatic language means that we are not there yet. The Dutchman has asked for concrete guarantees on the reforms of the Italian government and wants to have the veto power over the approval of the national plans that will give access to EU funds. His Italian colleague replied that The Hague cannot dictate conditions as if it were the Troika. And he showed him the contents of the recently approved measures, such as the Pnr and the simplification decree. The distance that divides them is not only the social one of the meter and a half anti-Covid, but it is all political.

However, Conte consoles himself with a photo, his personal souvenir of this trip to the Dutch capital. The exhibition on the computer of the photographer of Palazzo Chigi, Filippo Attili: in the shot you can see the Dutch premier and his colleague waving a huge tricolor. In the background, the sign of the restaurant “Roman Empire”. “I took away the satisfaction of making Rutte embrace the Italian flag” smiles the lawyer who became head of the government. For now you have to settle for this.


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