Contagion on the rise, Zaia alert. “So we risk crashing”


The infections are getting worse. They are 142, up from 126 on the previous day. Of these 62 are in Lombardy and “only” 8 in Veneto. Twenty-three deaths. In Mondragone, in Campania, the red zone in the former Cirio buildings has been extended until 7 July. Nothing that comes close to the alert thresholds, but they are signs that should not be underestimated. The first not to take the new cases lightly is the president of the region Luca Zaia. That reads in the 5 more Venetian hospitalizations and in the increase of 35 people in isolation in one day a possible recovery of the infection.

These are mostly outbreaks that are hoped to be extinguished in the bud, but the fear is that all efforts to eradicate the virus will go up in the air. The first outbreak is that of Feltre, where the Eurobrico supermarket was closed after detecting some positive tests among the employees. The second is the one that broke out among a group of carers who arrived on the same bus from Romania. From today, a free swab will be carried out on all carers returning from Moldova. Even to those who have already taken the test in their country. They are a “dangerous” category because they are in contact with the elderly and they cannot be allowed to carry the infection among the most fragile subjects, it would be a disaster.

«We continue to be concerned about reinfection – explains Zaia – The liberation day does not work. The health of the Veneto has delivered a Veneto in order after three months of lockdown and intensive care. The last numbers are not good for me ». And agree with the summer, agree with the desire to be together outdoors, but with a limit. Far from wanting to play the role of Cato the Censor, Zaia groomed young people and all those who do not respect the rules. «In a Veneto that has always made fleas at the coronavirus game, these increasing contagions are not a source of pride. Be careful because the national sport of not wearing a mask anymore rather than gathering is peace after the storm, but if we are before the storm, we are preparing to get into trouble ».

In fact, the governor follows the considerations made by the director of Microbiology of the University of Padua Andrea Crisanti who has never stopped claiming that “the virus is still among us” and that he is now asking “if we are prepared to systematically put out the outbreaks that they will gradually manifest themselves and that with autumn and winter they will surely have greater dimensions and frequency ». To deal with this “limbo phase”, the collaboration of individual citizens is essential. Their behavior will make the difference, starting with the mask and the safety distances. «We inaugurate this new phase – Zaia continues – in which each of us will decide whether he wants to go to the crash or try to save his own life and that of the other citizens. Because we have experienced the phase of coexistence now, it started on May 18 and ends with today with 8 more cases and 35 blocks ».

And if there are strong decisions to be made, Zaia does not hold back and we have seen it in recent months. Even now the governor does not intend to discount anyone and supports Benetton’s proposal to postpone the ski world cup in Cortina to 2022. It would in fact be too risky to set the whole mechanism in motion for 2021, that is to say in January, and the event would risk jumping in the event of a recovery of the infections that, every day more, is to be taken into account. The final decision will be made tomorrow.

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