Commentator estimates: “Nasrallah will respond in a limited way from Lebanon”


Zvi Yehezkeli, the commentator for News 13, referred to the tensions in the north and said: “Nasrallah did threaten, and I estimate that he will do the same” • However, he claimed that he “will try not to be dragged into a confrontation with Israel”

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah threatened to respond to the attack attributed to Israel in Damascus, where two of his men were killed. Zvi Yehezkeli, the commentator on Arab affairs of News 13, spoke with Nissim Mashaal on 103fm radio and updated details.

Zvi Yehezkeli noted that “Nasrallah did indeed threaten and I estimate that he will also comply,” adding that this is not the first time that Nasrallah’s men have been killed in Israeli attacks in Syria. Yehezkeli explained that “there is the point that Nasrallah says’ so far, I will not be able to continue to suffer such humiliation ‘. He says’ so far, I must. Israel has forced a formula of kidnapping me in Syria and keeping quiet in Lebanon, I must break the formula. “The latter on the right and on the left and is silent in 95% of the cases, so this time he will respond to save some of his dignity. Something limited that will restore some respect to him, and he will mark in his diary ‘V, I attacked Israel and broke the formula that I am not 100% silent’.”

Therefore, in his opinion, “Nasrallah will do this in a minor incident from the territory of Lebanon, not from the territory of Syria, and will try to ensure that the incident, the attack or his reaction, does not lead to a confrontation with Israel.” He referred to the Second Lebanon War, and said that at the end of the war a reporter asked him ‘If you had gone back 40 days and seen the results, would you have gone to war’? He said ‘I would not go to war’. To this you will add that you correctly identify the situation in Lebanon, the situation in which Nasrallah is not detached from what is happening in Lebanon. There’s an economic collapse there, just like that, it’s not an exaggeration. “There is a problem with supply, there is a problem of hunger, repeated demonstrations, corona, dysfunction, and you have Nasrallah who just wants to save his honor a little bit.”

Nissim Mash’al told Yehezkeli that it was reported that the Iranians had caught a suspect in an explosion that took place in Natanz, after there were initially rumors of Israeli involvement in the matter. The Arab commentator explained that this report shows that the Iranians “are still embarrassed and still do not point the finger of blame at who they think is in their emotion behind the explosions, because neither can they. They know that if they attribute it to Israel they will be obliged to respond. They do not want “So they put out some kind of story that is a collaborator, against the government, an Iranian opposition, because they know that once they accuse Israel, they will have a problem.”

He concluded by saying that an Iranian passenger plane passing through Syrian airspace was required to descend at the altitude of the flight and this resulted in the injury of some of the passengers. “The Iranians immediately issued a statement that Israel was trying to shoot down a plane. After a few minutes, they changed the version to the United States. Iran knows that once it blames Israel, it is committed to a response, so the Iranian silence is part of Israel’s deterrence against Iran and also against Hezbollah. You have a new situation in the Middle East – it must be handled wisely. ”

Edited by Ofri Glichman, 103FM

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