Coach sector: Bankruptcy threatens 40 percent of companies NOW


Coach companies are ringing the bell, because they miss out on 70 percent of turnover this year due to the corona crisis. About 40 percent of companies expect to go bankrupt as a result, reports the trade association Bustransport Nederland on Thursday.

The association represents two hundred coach companies in the Netherlands and sees that they are currently struggling. As a result of the corona measures, the companies could no longer transport people and as a result, turnover was lost in the high season.

“The loss of turnover will continue to affect the industry for a long time to come,” says the association. “Without further support measures, at least 40 percent of companies will go bankrupt. Especially in the fall and winter, when various deferred payments will be claimed, many companies will die.”

The independent research agency Panteia calculated for the association that an average coach company that claims the maximum subsidy from the government receives less than 20 percent of all costs. The association therefore asks the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management for extra support.

The coach industry decided in June to violate the corona guidelines. The industry wanted to comply with the rules that then applied to public transport and airplanes, and in this way transport thirty people on one bus.

Since July 1 this is also allowed according to the guidelines. All seats in a coach may be used if passengers undergo a health check beforehand and wear a non-medical mask during the journey.

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