“Club Brugge need a goal scorer”


Club Brugge did not find a top goalkeeper for years, until Simon Mignolet came. In recent seasons, it has mainly been looking for a real top striker. David Okereke and Michael Krmencik have a difficult preparation.

Club Brugge has three strikers with Michael Krmencik, David Okereke and Youssouph Badji. The first two were not yet completely convincing. Ex-coach Hugo Broos notices that Club can still use a top game à la Mario Stanic.

“But I will stick with it: to win prizes, you need a real goalscorer. Club also had moments last season when they could have used a striker like Stanic. Club has usually had such strikers. can break open if it is stuck. Okereke may be able to take on that role this season. It seems as if he has regained his confidence “, he says to The Newspaper of West Flanders.

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