Club Brugge count on supporters to limit financial damage


Club Brugge has 24,000 subscribers for the coming season, but cannot yet count itself rich. For any home game without fans, Club will refund five percent of that money. However, Club hopes many fans will refrain from that compensation.

According to The last news Club would lose almost ten million euros if the doors remain closed until the winter break. That’s why Club is now looking for ways to mitigate that damage. Ajax already proposed a solution in the Netherlands: instead of cash money, fans can also choose merchandising as a refund.
Many Amsterdam fans even completely waived that compensation. Club hopes that this will also happen to its own supporters. In the preparation, the fans were already spoiled: all exhibition games were shown live and attracted up to 200,000 viewers. A nice gesture for the fans who can undoubtedly provide a lot of understanding.
Club Brugge has a budget of no less than ninety million euros this season, but this included the subscription fees.


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