Closed wards and isolation teams: Employees of the Galilee Hospital protest


Evidence that came to the Makor Rishon website from employees of the medical system at the Galilee Hospital in Nahariya, nurses and doctors, raises questions about how to deal with the corona. Employees say they can not do pencil tests on patients suspected of having coronary heart disease, as the hospital’s in-charge is not able to do so. As a result, staff members who are forced into solitary confinement are “disqualified.” The staff we spoke to claim that “it is not possible that 24 hours a day, corona tests at the same time depend on its decisions, the sole discretion and good will of the person responsible for the infections in the hospital. We worry and are afraid to work like this and are afraid to endanger ourselves and our family.”

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According to data from the Ministry of Health, the Galilee Hospital in Nahariya is at the top of the list of medical centers in Israel with the largest number of isolated staff – 138 employees who were exposed to a corona patient verified according to data yesterday (Tuesday). Next on the list are Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital with 109 isolation workers and Rambam with 105 isolation workers.

Corona staffs in hospital. Photo: AFP

As a result of the number of medical staff members who had to go into isolation, the hospital in Nahariya closed two inpatient wards and hopes to reopen them during the week with the return of staff members. The hospital claims that the number of isolated staff members is lower than that advertised in the official tools of the Ministry of Health and stands at 115. The professional, “they said at the hospital.

A senior official at Nahariya Hospital rejected the medical staff’s claims, explaining that it was not known about verified Corona patients that doctors and hospital nurses asked to be examined for Corona and the hospital’s infection unit director did not approve their examination and were eventually identified as Corona patients. This is the only doctor on 702 hospital beds and the hospital believes that a living oncologist should be in the picture for any patient suspected of corona because even if he got a negative result, he should continue to be monitored and re-examined if necessary as later hospitalization may be checked and found positive for corona. The hospital rejects allegations that the person in charge of the infections sometimes refuses to approve corona tests for patients who come to the emergency room, despite the claim of the staff members with whom we spoke who claimed many conflicts between them and the person in charge.

An examination of the Makor Rishon website revealed that the permit policy for performing corona examinations at the hospital in Nahariya is very different from that used at other hospitals in Israel. Rambam Hospital, the largest in the north, said that “medical staff in the emergency room have the authority to perform corona examinations on patients who come to them without hesitation and without any need for this or that counseling, if the patient has clear suspicious signs for corona. In case the suspicion is low or unreasonable, the emergency physicians are assisted by doctors who specialize in infections at the hospital. “The same is true at Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem.” The decision to perform corona tests on patients is in the hands of the treating staff. In cases where there is a dilemma – doctors for infectious diseases are involved. ”

At Ziv Hospital in Safed, a different set of considerations is presented. Dr. Shimon Edelstein, director of the Infectious Diseases and Infection Prevention Unit at the hospital, says that he requires a personal update on each patient tested for Corona in order to be part of the current situation at the hospital and monitor vulnerabilities in locating a patient in Corona and ensuring employee safety.

In a conversation with a Makor Rishon website, a senior official in the Ministry of Health said, “I expect the hospitals to be like an appraiser’s house and in any situation of doubt – it must not be in doubt and it is right to take a corona test.” According to him, the Ministry of Health is the one that pays for the tests and there is no reason for the hospitals to save on that.

The Ministry of Health notes that the large number of isolates among hospital staff is a very common feature for the days of the outbreak of the first wave and now the second wave and in recent months many hospitals have starred in the list of isolation peaks. “If the medical staff had defended themselves properly it would have been unequivocally avoided,” says the source with whom we spoke. “It is right and important to check every patient who is suspected of carrying a corona, and it is especially important that the following medical staff come into contact, certainly with undetected patients, because they will act with full caution so that they do not have to go into isolation.” Wearing masks and practicing distance and hygiene according to regulations, should not enter isolation after being exposed to a corona patient.

The Galilee Medical Center stated: “In order to draw lessons from outbreaks that have occurred in the past, it was decided in the Infection Prevention Unit, in collaboration with the medical center’s management, to take samples from each patient who was hospitalized in one of the inpatient wards. A person treated with inhalation or oxygen Patients who are not suspected of coronary heart disease and are admitted to wards are hospitalized in designated rooms, and samples are also taken from them to minimize the possibility of a randomized patient being hospitalized without being known to be a carrier of coronary heart disease. The lab’s response regarding corona virus carriers is handled by the staff when it is in full protection, at the standard of the corona department, until the answer is received in their case.

“We would like to emphasize that the director of the Infection Prevention Unit, Dr. Yael Ziv, is the only professional authority at the medical center in this field, and her powers are a direct derivative of her responsibility. “Dr. Ziv is available 24/7 for any request or question, and her decisions are revealed over time as professional, impartial, impeccably professional and to the full satisfaction of the management of the medical center and its head, Dr. Masad Barhum.”

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