closed summer center and restaurant on the Casilina after a school dinner


Virus, 6 new cases in Rome: summer center and restaurant on Casilina closed after a school dinner

Coronavirus, the bulletin in Lazio on Thursday 2 July. Rising in new positives. In fact, there are 11 new cases and zero deaths. In Rome city there are six new cases. Thus the Regional Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato: «In the ASL Roma 2 of the four new cases, one concerns a man who returned by flight from Dhaka (Bangladesh) for which the international contact tracing procedures have been activated. Two new cases concern two minors of the same family hospitalized at the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital. An epidemiological investigation has been launched which has led to the closure of a summer center and a restaurant in the Casilina area. All close contacts will be tested, while the investigation showed that a school dinner was held on June 26 in the presence of over 30 people. They will all be tested now ».

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Simplifications, Conte: “We will find agreement, we need a courageous step”

The problem is the resumption of the infections. Thus D’Amato: «I feel a drop in tension. We must always keep our guard high and respect the provisions on spacing and avoid potentially dangerous occasions such as parties or gatherings. In the ASL Roma 3 there are two new positive cases and specifically one represents a queue of the cluster referring to the bistrot of Fiumicino: a customer who tested positive for the buffer at the drive-in, while the second case concerns a person who tested positive for ready access rescue of the Grassi hospital in Ostia. In the ASL Roma 4 a woman who arrived with other pathologies in the emergency room of the Grassi hospital in Ostia. As for the provinces, a case was registered in the Frosinone ASL giving access to the emergency room of the Sora hospital and the second positive case in the Rieti ASL. Today I wanted to thank the operators of the Regina Elena – IFO National Cancer Institute for the activities they have carried out and are carrying out during this period. In the comparison between the first four months of 2019 and the first of 2020 there was only a slight decrease in surgical activity (-4%) compared to an increase of about 25% in the radiotherapy services demonstrating an Institute that has guaranteed and is guaranteeing the safety of patients and operators ».

Coronavirus, the EU: it is illegal to offer vouchers for missed flights or holidays

Gypsies: ok contact sports. The Ordinance of the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti has just been signed with which he gives the green light from today to the resumption of the contact sports disciplines, after the forced stop due to the Coronavirus emergency. «In light of the trend of contagions in Lazio, we are in a position to reopen, starting today, also for this type of sport. We are happy about this, because slowly and with the necessary prudence, we are guaranteeing enthusiasts, professionals and operators to restart the engines of their activities. The goal was the result of a close and fruitful comparison with all the actors involved, sharing the problems and the advanced requests. Today, therefore, let’s take a step forward with awareness, to always start all over again with the aim of protecting the health of our communities. », Comments the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti.

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