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Rabbi Kreuser on the Temple Mount

Rabbi Kreuser on the Temple MountPhoto: Haim Kreuser, Temple Organization Headquarters

“On Tisha B’Av one must ascend the Temple Mount, and if after the ascent he feels great weakness, he can drink,” it was ruled in the responsa “Halachot Tisha B’Av to the Temple Mount” distributed today (Tuesday) by the Temple organization headquarters.

The halakhic answer was written by Rabbi Yehuda Kreuser, the rabbi of Mitzpe Jericho.

Rabbi Kreuser also addressed the question of the timing of baptism to the purity required before ascending the Temple Mount. According to Rabbi Kreuser, “First of all, one should dip on the evening of Tisha B’Av” on Wednesday. However, he who is defiled on Tisha B’Av himself, “will be baptized on Tisha B’Av,” the rabbi ruled.

The headquarters of the Temple Organizations call on the Ministry of Religions to provide mikveh services in the Temple Mount area, in order to allow baptism and prevent an obstacle from the Silver to the Holy on the day of the destruction of the Temple.

Staff spokesman Assaf Fried mentioned that the obligation to repair the mikvahs on the days of the great pilgrimage rests with the public leadership, as already stated in the Shekel Tractate in the Mishnah.

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