Citizenship income coming for 7 million people: here’s where


While in Italy there is discussion ofutility of Citizenship Income – and the active policy connected to it – here in the United States a pilot project is about to start which will interest approximately 7 million citizens.

In detail, he is the CEO of Twitter, billionaire Jack Dorsey, to want to launch the Income of Citizenship also the United States and for this reason it has decided to participate, and contribute, to the initiative promoted by local entrepreneurs and mayors of 14 important American cities, including Los Angeles and Atlanta, aimed at ‘introduction of a guaranteed universal income.

In reality, the project promoted by Jack Dorsey is not a real citizenship income; it is, in fact, a guaranteed universal income since support should be granted to all citizens of legal age who fall within a certain income threshold.

Dorsey has been working on the project for some time, but it is only now that this is about to happen. For this purpose the Twitter CEO has donated $ 5 million to entrepreneur Andrew Yang in order to accomplish pilot projects of universal and unconditional basic income.

So much so that when Yang was a candidate for the American presidential election of the DEM, Dorsey did not fail his support; and one of the most important points of the Democratic candidate’s political program was precisely what provided for the introduction of the so-called in the United States Freedom Dividend, a unconditional basic income worth $ 1,000 intended for all adult American citizens.

The presidential campaign was not successful but there is still talk of what could be a sort of Citizenship Income; Dorsey himself hasn’t stopped believing in the project and that’s why he decided to donate the 5 million dollars to Yang with the intent to finance further testing of unconditional basic income and see what the effects will be of such a measure.

Citizenship Income to 7 million citizens: then will it be in all the USA?

For now, the Jack Dorsey-funded project limits the introduction of a basic income in few cities in the United States. In detail, according to the first advances, the pilot project should reach approx 7 million citizens.

This is the only known information, as at the moment it is not yet clear who will be entitled to paymentsnor the value of the amounts that will be recognized monthly. According to rumors that come from the USA, the Citizenship Income, or rather Basic income, should only be recognized for those who have lost their jobs or are in a state of destitution.

The hope of Dorsey, who has said he is ready to continue investing in the implementation of similar projects, is that once the benefits of such a measure are confirmed, it will be decided to extend it on a federal basis.

US Citizenship Income: Advantages or Disadvantages?

As in Italy, the USA is also discussed possible benefits – The disadvantages – which could have the introduction of a universal basic income. Public opinion is divided: on the one hand, it is believed that giving people the opportunity to receive a basic income would decrease poverty, as well as mitigate the economic shock caused by the Coronavirus crisis. Without forgetting, then, that it would be a useful tool to reduce the difference that becomes ever more tangible between the wealthiest and poorest Americans.

The critical to the project they are the same that are moved in Italy: it is believed, in fact, that basic income can be a disincentive for people, as it could push them to settle without aiming at developing a career.

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