Christophe and Nick from ‘Blindly married’ officially divorced …


For Christophe and Nick (both 38), the first gay couple out Married blind, the joint love affair is now officially over. The divorce was finalized a few days ago.

Christophe Ramont made the news public on Instagram. “It happened”, it sounded. The marriage with Nick Laenen from Geel already took place last fall. It was already clear to them in winter that the relationship had no chance of success.

In the meantime, Christophe has had a new partner for months. However, the procedure to finalize the divorce by mutual consent took quite some time. “By definition, Carl is (his new friend, ed.) also no longer my lover ”, the Gentenaar shares on social media. “It is of course the last step in something that everyone has known for three months now and it does not change the friendship that has developed between us at all. It is a time for me to realize how intense the past year has been. On to the next adventure. ”

Christophe further notes that he and Nick must be one of the few couples who separately filed for marriage, but together filed for divorce.


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