Chief Rabbi: “Verified patient – he is not allowed to fast”


a a A The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, publishes today (Monday), Tisha B’Av, guidelines regarding the fast that will take place on Thursday in the shadow of the corona plague that continues to spread rapidly.

In his opening remarks, GRD Lau wrote: “Unfortunately we are all the plague is increasing and we need the mercy of heaven. The weather on Tisha B’Av will be warmer than usual. Therefore, on the side of the duty that we all have to observe the guidelines of the Ministry of Health in full. “

Chief Rabbi’s Instructions

• A verified patient in Corona is not allowed to fast, even if he is feeling well.

• Anyone with a fever above 38 ° is not allowed to fast.

• Those who feel the symptoms that characterize corona such as weakness, cough, lack of fasting.

• Those who are in the recovery stages from corona will not fast.

• Those who have fully recovered but still feel weakness will not fast.

• Those who are in isolation and have no symptoms will fast, if they feel any weakness they should drink for lessons (every 9 minutes will drink up to 37 cc), if the weakness increases they will eat as usual.

• Special care must be taken to maintain hygiene and therefore disinfecting hands with gel and cleaning hands with soap and other places that need maintaining hygiene is allowed.

• Those who are forbidden to fast will not start fasting at all, and there is no need to eat less than a lesson.

• Even those who are allowed to eat on Tisha B’Av will only take care of eating that is necessary and only one dish is allowed at each meal.

• It goes without saying that even those who do not fast must keep the rest of the laws of mourning.

• In this year due to the need to exclude the time spent in the public space and due to the weather conditions the recitation of the lamentations in public should be shortened. Lamentations can also be said in units and there is no need to say them in the synagogue. Therefore, in public only the lamentations will be said “Shabbat Soro Mani”, “Zion do not ask” and “-I Zion”. The rest of the lamentations will be said in units in their home.

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