Charles was disappointed in Harry for stealing spotlights Entertainment


The Prince of Wales was reported to have been notified twenty minutes before the statement went public and had to give his blessing immediately. According to the authors, royalty reporters Omid Scobie in Carolyn Durand, was Charles “disappointed” but he also understood that a “tipping point” had been reached in the relationship between Harry in Meghan, especially because of the rumors that have been in the air for a long time.

What Charles feared also happened. Immediately after Harry released his statement, it dominated all news media.

Harry was eager to go out with the news because at the same time he made a strong statement to the press to leave Meghan alone. The actress at the time had become the victim of gossip with an undertone of sexism and racism in the run-up to the official confirmation of her relationship with Harry. “That crossed a line,” said the Kensington Palace statement.

Various passages from the book have been widely reported in the British press throughout the weekend. For example, on Sunday it was written about brother William’s fear that Harry was blinded by ‘lust’.

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