chaos refunds, Europe’s NO to vouchers for canceled flights


During the lockdown Ryanair and many other airlines offered vouchers as compensation for flights canceled due to the pandemic. An initiative that the EU immediately considered illegal because it was harmful to the consumer rights. The same ENAC intervened who, at the request of Europe, asked the Government to modify the national decree that provided for the refund via voucher. A solution that initially allowed the companies, including Ryanair, to continue making cash, thus facing the months of forced closure.

Since July, the low-cost airline Ryanair has started flying again and makes it known that a refund is ready for all customers who have had their flight canceled in the previous months. Therefore, something is moving in favor of consumers who will now be able to get back the money spent on flights never made. The CEO of Ryanair confirms this Eddie Wilson, who lets you know how the company’s customer support team is working hard on the expected refunds.

Refund of flights: will it be easy to get them?

Thanks to the EU infringement procedure, vouchers have the hours counted and for companies the cash refund is a mandatory step. Ryanair has adapted to the disposition and always through its CEO it makes it known that the requests for March have been reimbursed and for those of April we will have to wait for the mid-July. At the end of the month, the company will liquidate those of May and June until the sad interlude of the travel lockdown is concluded.

However, not all Ryanair’s refund procedures appear to have been successful. To report it Travel Daily, the well-known travel portal to which numerous customers have turned to report refunds never received. Reference is made even to requests relating to flights canceled in March and for which nothing has yet been received. Also on this portal, users are also expressing their dissent because they find it difficult to contact the company’s customer support.

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