Chaos Lazio, Lotito is now ready to act heavily


Officers to report! Has been Inzaghi to admonish the Lazio after the third knockout in a row. Only he spoke yesterday morning, the company did not intervene, it remained silent. Lotito not seen in Formello, there was only the diesse Loud. The absence of the president does not predict anything good, not surprisingly it is rumored that after Udine, in the event of a debacle, the team could be sent on collection until the match of 20 July against Juve. We would return to Rome on Thursday morning and stay in the sports center until Sunday, the day of departure for Turin. It is a hypothesis, it can be used as a spur to elicit an immediate reaction. Organize the pick up in Formello it would mean preparing single rooms and a canteen in such a way as to comply with all applicable protocols. […]

Lotito ready to act heavily

Players must find new strength, they are called to react immediately. In Udine you cannot fail, the risk of retreating is too high. The team has been bombed for days: after the defeat with Milan it had been the Diesse Tare to intervene in the Olympic locker room, he had loaded the group thanking him for the efforts made. “You couldn’t have done moreHad been the message chosen by the sports director. Lotitolast Thursday he asked the team to «do not lose dignity»After all the good things until March. The knockout with Milan had been “subscribed”, after Lecce (however strong the blow had been) it had been decided to grant a new chance without opening trials. Saturday it hit rock bottom and Inzaghi’s intervention was directed. In the background remains Lotito, ready to act heavily.

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Inzaghi warns: “We won’t give up”

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