Chantal Janzen makes hilarious blunder on Instagram


Chantal and her family are currently enjoying a well-deserved holiday in France and although it is about 28 degrees there, her youngest at all costs wants to wear his Spider-Man costume with thick gloves and to finish it off also another helmet. Although the The Voicepresenter wants the best for him, refuses to listen. “Toddler wants is law,” Chantal jokes at the heartwarming scene.

In all her enthusiasm, Chanti has forgotten stepson Zion, who is doing the dishes in the background in his underpants. “I look beautiful in my underwear. Thank you very much ‘, he responds annoyed under the post. Although according to many followers of the presenter there is nothing wrong with that. For example, someone writes: ‘You can have it’ and gives someone else a tip the next time to turn the tables.

James, Chantal’s son, was recently hospitalized with appendicitis. Fortunately that worked out well and they can now enjoy with the whole family. Chantal told RTL Boulevard that James prefers Lego Masters watches on television, as seen in the video below.

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