Chalat: The opposition demands – “define the government as a non-essential business”


Member of the Corona Committee MK Joel Rezbozov (Yesh Atid-Telam) sent a letter to Prime Minister Tzachi Braverman today (Tuesday) demanding that the government be defined as a non-essential business – and that all the ministers be expelled immediately. “Unfortunately, for a long time now the government, which is the most inflated government in the Western world, has been failing to provide satisfactory solutions in treating the corona virus,” he wrote.

“There are about 900,000 unemployed in the economy and hundreds of thousands of self-employed who are currently on total shutdown as a result of government decisions. The government is directly responsible for this data, as it closes these industries across, based on gut feelings, with no data base. The government does not provide compensation. Caspi provides for all those unemployed and self-employed who have found themselves in this situation as a result of the government’s horizontal decisions. ”

“There is a general feeling in the people of a complete disconnect between the government and the people. All attempts by the Knesset, through the Corona Committee, to save this government from itself, encounter opposition and methods of intimidation by the Mafia. The government as a business is not essential. ”

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