Cesare Battisti’s protest: “prison food hurts me”


«Poor food, too many fried and fatty. I have hepatitis and prostatitis. ” Cesare Battisti protests: in Massama prison he suffers two life sentences for murders and robberies committed during the years of militancy among the Armed Proletarians for Communism and cannot, like the other prisoners, buy food and cook them in the cell.

Special arrangements

Battisti is subjected to a special regime in a maximum security prison on the outskirts of Oristano, where he has been locked up since January 2019. He has been on the run for almost 40 years, escaping from Frosinone prison, first in France and Mexico, then in Latin America, status of “political refugee”, writer of noir, in 2018 he was captured and a few months later sent back to Italy. Of the three levels of high surveillance it is intermediate, AS2. In AS3 there are mobsters, Camorra and kidnappers. Since his arrival in Sardinia he has been in forced isolation, the only prisoner – it seems – in a secluded wing. His lawyer Gianfranco Sollai explains: «He should have stayed there for six months, until July last year. Instead, this detention regime has inexplicably prolonged and is still going on now, despite not being supported by any ruling or legal provision. ” In Massama – confirms the lawyer Paolo Mocci, provincial guarantor of detainees – there are no adequate structures for AS2 and for certain diseases, health care cannot be guaranteed. Meals are provided by an external catering company; it is not known whether the dishes are supplied pre-cooked or with what feeding criteria.


Cesare Battisti has repeatedly asked for the transfer, but has not obtained it: in one of the equipped Sardinian structures, the maximum security institute of Bancali in Sassari, an AS2 department is there, but it has problems with overcrowding and lack of staff, and above all it houses a group of Islamic prisoners accused of terrorism, ISIS militants; the prison administration – which did not want to comment on the grievances about food in any way – deemed it appropriate to avoid any contact. House arrest that he would have wanted to serve in the home of relatives in a location in Lazio was also denied in May: he claimed that there was a danger of contagion from Covid 19 in Massama. For half an hour the Cagliari surveillance court listened to life imprisonment / terrorist, who asked to be subjected to clinical tests, confident that they would confirm the need for a different detention and a more adequate diet.

Cesare Battisti, the four murders signed by Pac for which he admitted responsibility
Antonio Santoro
The power of attorney

The general prosecutor has objected, the judges will decide in a few weeks. “This is not a whim but serious health problems,” insists Battisti who yesterday, communicating with a family member, made it known: “They want to transfer me to the AS3 department, they asked to sign the consent, but I refused ».
The protest over food sparked the outrage of Lega and Fratelli d’Italia: “Shut up and fast, communist murderer” Matteo Salvini posted on Facebook. «He was used to caviar … The life of the murderers who pay for their crimes is hard», so Giorgia Meloni. Last March Battisti admitted four murders: “It was a war, but now I apologize to the families of the victims”.


Alberto Torregiani, Pierluigi’s adopted son (the goldsmith killed in a robbery, in which Alberto, then fifteen, was injured and was paralyzed), is not convinced of the “repentance” and increases: “As a fugitive he ate oysters and pasta with clams. How can he like prison food? I am a guarantor, but it is absurd that he is still a privileged one ».

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