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Oristano, 11 July 2020 – The ration of prison does not really go down a Cesare Battisti. The ex-life imprisonment ex Pac, detained in the Oristanese prison of Massama, has filed a complaint because the “food it is not appropriate to your state of health“and appeared yesterday before the Surveillance Court of Cagliari. The judges will have to decide – they will express themselves within ten days – if it is appropriate to carry out medical analysis that verify the state of health of the ex-terrorist, who would have worsened – he says – precisely because of the food provided in the prison.

Battisti’s protest sparked a forest of reactions, starting with those of Matteo Salvini (“Communist Assassin, shut up and fast”) and of Giorgia Meloni (“It is the hard life of the murderers who pay for their crimes”).
It is not the first time that the former terrorist of the Armed Proletarians for Communism complains: he had already appeared before the surveillance judges in mid-May urging home detention to avoid Coronavirus infection, but the court had rejected his request .

The lawyer: he is in solitary confinement

“Food influences our state of health which is a constitutionally guaranteed principle – explains the lawyer Gianfranco Sollai – My client is in isolation and can only eat food administered by the administration, while other inmates can cook food brought by relatives or purchased. We also requested analyzes and tests to ascertain his state of health, while the attorney general asked for the complaint to be rejected. ”

The guarantor of prisoners

For Paolo Mocci, municipal guarantor of prisoners, Cesare Battisti should not serve the sentence in Massama: for his case – a high security level 2 (AS2) – in the Oristano prison there is no adequate prison assistance, he says. And ontinuous: “The problem raised by Battisti pertains to the sphere of individual health problems of individual prisoners and to the difficulty of the prison in adapting meals to individual health precariousness”.

Political reactions

La leader di FdI Giorgia Meloni he uses irony to comment: “Accustomed to the caviar eaten in recent years together with the beautiful souls of the left, Cesare Battisti now complains about the quality of the prison’s food. It is the hard life of the murderers who pay for their crimes, Cesare. I trust that nobody will waste time to indulge the ridiculous complaints of this character, “he writes on Facebook. The Northern League leader is at the wheel Matteo Salvini, who always attacks on Fb: “Communist murderer complains about the menu in prison? Be quiet and fast, coward”.
Comment on the poison also from the dem Stefano Pedica: “Evidently, after escaping justice for years, he thought he could serve life in a 5-star hotel”, while the radicals, with Maurizio Turco, they take it more seriously: “I went personally to visit Battisti last year and he was healthy. Now, due to the coronavirus, the meetings are suspended, consequently what is happening we cannot know. If he did this type of upon request, the surveillance magistrate must ascertain his state of health through medical reports “.


“I really laugh. Of course, he is used to eating oysters, mussels and clam pasta at the sea, how can he like prison food? The absurd thing is that he is still given the opportunity to make certain requests and that someone gives him space, “he says Alberto Torregiani, adopted son of Pierluigi (killed by the Pac in 1979) and member of the Italian association victims of terrorism. “He is still a privileged – he continues – this is absurdity. If a common prisoner complains, nobody listens to him, he complains and makes the news. I am always a guarantor and I am for the protection of everyone’s rights, but here we are really exaggerating. I guess you don’t deserve attention. ”

The punishment of Baptists

Cesare Battisti has been in Massama prison since January 14, 2019: he serves two life sentences for four murders. Last March, in an interrogation that took place in the Oristano prison, he admitted to having committed the 4 murders that were charged to him and apologized for the pain caused to the families of the victims.

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