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The assembly of the members of Confindustria Cuneo, convened by videoconference, has elected four new vice-presidents: Roberta Ceretto, Marco Costamagna, Roberto Rolfo and Bartolomeo Salomone join the Vice-presidents Pierpaolo Carini (Egea spa) in the Presidency Council led by Mauro Gola , Amilcare Merlo (Merlo spa), Elena Lovera (Costrade srl) and Giuseppe Miroglio (Miroglio Textile srl) and the two vice-presidents of law Alberto Biraghi (president of Small industry) and Alberto Ribezzo (president of Young entrepreneurs).

Riccardo Preve (Preve Costruzioni spa) was elected to the General Board.

Roberta Ceretto belongs to the third generation of one of the most historic and eclectic Piedmontese wine families. Graduated in foreign languages ​​at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy in Turin with a thesis on South African literature, she chooses the family and the Langhe for her university career. In 1999 she began working with her father Bruno and was immediately involved in the renovation project of the Brunate chapel in La Morra (the “Barolo chapel”) reinterpreted with the colors of the artists Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett. It is the family’s first approach to contemporary art which will be followed by many other initiatives and exhibitions with protagonists such as Ansel Kiefer, Francesco Clemente, Kiki Smith, Marina Abramovich, Ellsworth Kelly, Patti Smith and Lynn Davis. Art is her passion that combines with the tasks that see her most involved, namely public relations, promotion, marketing and the organization of events for all the numerous family activities, both wine and restaurant. With his brother Federico and his cousins ​​Alessandro and Lisa from January 2019 he is at the helm of the Ceretto srl wineries and is the president. For 4 years she has been the mother of a small hurricane named Bruno.

Marco Costamagna, married and father of two twin daughters, has a degree in management engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin. He is CEO of Biemmedue spa in Cherasco, a world leader in the heating, industrial cleaning and dehumidification sector, with the Bm2 Arcotherm, Arcomat and Arcodry product lines. He is also chairman of the board of directors and managing director of Ars Elettromeccanica srl ​​of La Morra (production of coils, solenoids and vibrating pumps) and managing director of Mtm Hydro of Cherasco (production of accessories and washing and car wash machines). He chairs the mechanical section of Confindustria Cuneo and, representing the association of entrepreneurs from Granda, is part of the General Council of Federmeccanica. He also chairs Federlavaggi (National Federation of Car Wash Companies).

Roberto Rolfo graduated from the scientific high school and since 1980 has worked in the family business, the Rolfo spa of Bra where he is managing director. The company, founded in 1885, is active in the production of car transporters for the transport of vehicles (generic, collectible, sports cars, road tractors, cabs, agricultural tractors, off-road vehicles, SUVs and commercial vehicles of any kind). Strengthened by its experience, flexibility and propensity for innovation, Rolfo spa has been the subject of a globalization process in the last two decades that has led it to be present in all the major world markets. This stable and lasting presence is strengthened thanks to a company orientation aimed at creating solutions capable of satisfying specific transport needs. Within the Roberto Rolfo group, he is also president of Fasano srl in Monchiero and Rolfo Service srl in Bra. He is also a board member of Rolfo Plastic Gall srl and Rolfo Holding, also based in the city of Zizzola. Volunteering is a field that sees the entrepreneur very active, who is vice-president of the Aghav association (day center for the disabled), of “Bra Futura” (transportation of disabled children) and of the Aghav Foundation. He is also a board member of the Automobile Club of Italy in Cuneo.

Bartolomeo Salomone, born in Lequio Tanaro, married, has two daughters and three grandchildren and has been working in the Ferrero Group for over 40 years. A graduate in economics, he entered the company at a very young age, where he assumed increasingly important managerial responsibilities. In 2001 he was appointed financial director of the Group and, for about ten years, has represented the Company within the context of the syndicated agreement of the shareholders of Mediobanca in Piazzetta Cuccia in Milan. Since the early 1990s, he has collaborated with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Turin, which has awarded him the title of “expert in corporate finance”. Among the many positions held in various Group companies, for some years he has also assumed the position of President of the Village, a laboratory-structure where he promotes the “Kinder Joy of moving”, the Ferrero Group’s international program. In 2019 Solomon was called to direct, as general secretary, the Ferrero Foundation, created in 1983 by Michele Ferrero and always chaired by the wife of the late entrepreneur, Mrs. Maria Franca. For over 20 years he has been on the board of directors of Ferrero spa and, in December 2019, he was appointed president.

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