Center-right in the square (spaced) against the Conte government. Between requests for elections, no to migrants and attacks on the judiciary



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About 4 thousand chairs spaced “to avoid controversy” and supply of tricolor flags. The center returns to the square, still in Rome, where just over a month ago League, Come on Italy is Brothers of Italy they had organized one of the very first political demonstrations after the end of lockdown, stirring controversy over the lack of masks and the social distancing not respected. Blue stage with the inscription “Together for the Italy of work” and the return to the key themes: from fight against immigration at the request of a immediate vote, without a proportional electoral reform. And then the attacks on the judiciary, with Forza Italia gathering signatures to set up a gazebo commission of inquiry on the Berlusconi case.


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Center-right in the square in Rome, dozens of seats remain empty. And after the chaos of June 2, Salvini invites us to sit down:
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Center-right in the square in Rome, dozens of seats remain empty. And after the chaos of June 2, Salvini invites us to sit down: “Let’s avoid controversy”

Among the first to speak is the leader of Northern League which immediately addresses the topic Mes without exposing yourself too much. If this can be a weapon to destabilize the government, given the different positions of Pd is M5s on the subject, it is a thorny topic even within the center-right, with Forza Italia favorable, unlike the league and FdI: “On the Mes we will have the strength, perseverance and skill to convince others on the goodness of our positions – he said – But today in this square there is the team to be able to govern Italy in the coming years. Freedom starts from this square, only the absolute flop and bureaucracy on the other. ”

The former interior minister also tries to appease the controversy born in the past weeks between him and Silvio Berlusconi: the leader of the Carroccio continues to push for “Elections now”, while the founder of the blues has recently also opened to assessments on a new government formation. Clash that took place shortly after the exchange of jokes a few days before, when Salvini had accused Berlusconi of “Talk like Renzi” and this replied that he, instead, “Speaks like the M5s”. By Berlusconi I totally trust, pointed out the League leader in Piazza del Popolo, to then return also on the new invitation made by the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, for a confrontation with the opposition forces, for which he had declared to see in Forza Italia the most open component to dialogue in the center-right: “We also dialogue, not only Forza Italy, however – he underlines – in order to dialogue you need to be in two “. And he added: “The date has not arrived.”

And to Renzi, the Northern League political leader reserves a joke that, like him, he points to one electoral law reform mold majoritarian, unlike the agreements previously made by Italia Viva with the other government forces which, instead, push for a proportional with a 5% barrier: “Renzi’s words count zero”, is Salvini’s dry comment.

On the measures to be taken to counter the crisis, Salvini returns to attack the executive Conte: “Tax peace. Don’t break the balls of Italian families and businesses. There is no freedom if there is no economic freedom, he said Margaret Thatcher“. And he launches his personal alarm: “We were mad, saying that we went to the square on July 4th, I think they will try to divide us, shut us in the house, turn us into numbers ”.

For Forza Italia, that in the square collects signatures for a commission of inquiry on the case of the recordings concerning the conviction of Silvio Berlusconi, the vice president speaks Antonio Tajani: “Need revolutionize criminal and civil justice. Snail processes cost us 2% of GDP. They say that we are divided, we are three different parties, but we know how to make a synthesis. We have uniform candidates for the regional ones, they are still looking for an agreement. ” And then he sent a message to Salvini: “The main road is go to vote, hoping they’ll let us vote. We are alternatives to them because we always defend freedom. Them with the China, we with the guys from Hong Kong, we with the Venezuelan people, them with the regime of Maduro“. And he points out: “We are ready to collaborate with the government, not to support the government. We are ready to put a strategic vision at the service of Italy “.

Sul Mes, instead of responding on the differences that also characterize the internal positions in the center-right, the former president of the EU Parliament claims that it is a weapon in the hands of the forces to destabilize the executive: “The problem is precisely the position of Fi di yes to Mes – he says – The government risks falling because Fi has a very clear position, which puts the Conte government in difficulty ”.

Giorgia Meloniinstead, he begins by responding to the controversy of the last reunion in the square: “You won’t make it transform the masks into gags, we are not afraid, “he said. Then she immediately went on to attack the executive: “Conte’s decrees recall the Trivial Pursuit, when one asks for the names of the seven dwarfs. They have beautiful names, I raise, but then one forgets them. If Conte wants us to meet, send us concrete proposals to discuss, ideas, if they have them, but maybe they don’t. The truth is that they don’t have a shred of ideas for the nation “. He continues: “Have you closed schools, courts, even Parliament and were unable to regulate the bureaucracy? It is not the fault of the bureaucracy, but your fault that you have not been able to stop it “.

The FdI leader shifts the discussion to immigration theme, saying that “once again, for this government, the illegal immigrant comes first, before the Italians, according to the rules of the politically correct. They fight violence against women, but if the rapist is an illegal immigrant, he comes first. With the government amnesty, all illegal immigrants will be regularized. The only activity that starts up again with the dl Raise is that of the smugglers. But not with us, with us we respect the boundaries and we do the naval blockade. If citizens want to stop the invasion, the invasion must stop, even against that judiciary that does not do the good of democracy. ”

And she also joins the attacks on the judiciary, in defense of the two allies: “There is a part of the judiciary that wants to replace politics. No one has ever investigated ministers for aiding illegal immigration. There is a part of the justice he has persecuted Berlusconi until it decays. How long should it last? We need a reform of justice, enough, enough ”.

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