Celebration at Drive-In: In Baqa al-Gharbiya, find a solution for the Feast of Sacrifice


In a large area of ​​land, the first event of its kind in the Arab sector was prepared, in accordance with the limitations of the virus. Residents parked and watched shows that lasted two hours while inside their machines. According to the mayor, the death of one of the residents of Corona on the eve of the holiday, “pushes us to develop coping models without stopping daily life”

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The municipality of Baqa al-Gharbiya held a special celebration of the Feast of Sacrifice last night (Thursday) for its residents due to the restrictions of the corona – Drive In complex. According to the municipality, this is the first event of this format in the Arab sector. “This is a model for how one can celebrate the ‘big holiday’ in the shadow of the corona and still maintain health,” said Acting Mayor and Chairman of the Culture Committee, Muhammad Rushdie Majadele.

A large plot of land was prepared on the site with a high stage on which a series of performances took place for about two hours. Residents arrived in cars at the scene of the incident and watched the shows while inside the vehicle. “The entire complex was built according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health for events of this kind,” Majadele clarified, proudly announcing: “The event in Baqa is the first in the entire Arab world.”

“Deal with the virus without stopping everyday life.” The Drive In complex

The event began with a show of laser beams and fire and ended with a show by the children’s stars “Posey Mosey” – the brothers Fawzi Said, Samahar and Majdolin from Haifa. The three actors have already appeared around the Arab world, and their YouTube videos have garnered billions of views. The audio was provided by speakers scattered throughout the area. In previous years, the event would have taken place inside an auditorium with an audience sitting on chairs, but the existence of such an event was not allowed under the restrictions.

“Someone got rid of the corona today,” Mayor Raed Daka reminded residents. “We lost someone else dear on the eve of the holiday following the corona, and it pushes us more to develop models of how to deal with the virus without stopping our daily lives and especially our children, who have been in an unusual situation for almost half a year and we really want to make them happy.”

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“You can celebrate and evoke joy despite the corona.” The children’s star show “Posey and Muse”

The idea came from Majadele, who told of the effort to continue with the routine. “When the second wave of the corona erupted Baqa al-Gharbiya was in danger of closing. The municipality fought against the various authorities to get an opportunity to develop models of conduct in daily life in the shadow of the corona, without imposing a closure on the city and disrupting the routine of life.” “This event is one of the models that prove that it is possible to celebrate the big holiday and bring joy among the residents despite the presence of the corona virus and without posing a danger,” he said.

The acting mayor added that “such incidents cost a lot of money, and we in Baqa al-Gharbiya municipality need broad support from the various government ministries to help us continue to maintain public health along with the continuation of routine life.”


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