CBS: number of corona deaths up to twice as high as RIVM count Inland


Statistics Netherlands has used a new method to estimate the excess mortality during the corona pandemic. In the first eleven weeks of the pandemic, from March 9 to May 24, 10,164 people died of the lung virus by that method. However, uncertainty must be taken into account, according to Statistics Netherlands. As a result, the number of deaths can be higher or lower and can range between 8,593 and 11,691. This means that in addition to every 10 corona deaths registered, between 5 and 10 people died of corona who were not registered.

According to the most recent figures from RIVM, up to and including 28 July at 10 am 6145 people in the Netherlands died of the corona virus.

In the Netherlands, where only positively tested deceased persons are registered as corona deaths, the estimated excess mortality is, according to the CBS, “a good and important way to provide some information about the number of deaths by Covid-19.”

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