Cattolica, a month for the spa. Coop members in turmoil


->Catholic-assicurazioni_1The sun 24 hours puts under the lens Cattolica Assicurazioni and the events that have involved her in recent months.

Laura Galvagni’s article analyzes the scenario of the insurance company, which would see the shareholders’ meeting meet to deliberate the transformation into a joint-stock company of the company on 30 July 2020 on first call, or 31 July 2020 on second call. July 28, 2020 would instead be the deadline for the delivery of 1% of shares UBI Banca held by Cattolica.

The company would be under observation by the authorities for months, primarily Ivass and Consob. Finally, the request for a capital increase of 500 million euros to guarantee the capital solidity and the operation it would bring General in the company’s capital with a 24.4% stake.


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