Cassandra cancer patient auditioned from the hospital


Cassandra’s dream was to audition and participate in Maria De Filippi’s talent, Amici, and she would have done it if she had not had to face a terrible experience: the fight against a tumor, but this was not enough to stop her

Cassandra he wanted to try, however, by interfacing with the editing of the program using Skype his exciting video and his beautiful voice went around the web. A hymn to life, hope and courage

A story that made us excited


Cassandra he has 20 years, has a beautiful voice and a dream: to participate in the audition for Amici, the talent show of Maria De Filippi and she would have gone if she had not had to face the greatest and most painful test: the fight against a tumor and now she is in the department of Hematology dell’Cardarelli hospital of Naples. He is in the second cycle of chemotherapy

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His video moved the world


To tell his story is Antimo, nurse working at Cardarelli of Naples who posted a video on Youtube a video that has depopulated: Cassandra appears seated on the couch, holding her cell phone and hers voice beautiful, even if tested by chemotherapy cycles, it resonates harmonious and powerful in the hospital room

Antimo, nurse at Cardarelli, publishes on Youtube


He was due to attend the audition for the program shortly Mediaset ‘Friends’, but at the moment it is not possible, but she did not give up and the young woman tried anyway, interfacing with the editorial staff of the program using Skype, one of the most used means of communication in this period of pandemic by Covid 19. And then here was thought by Antimo, a nurse in the health facility of Naples:

“I would like to share Cassandra’s enormous skill and passion with as many people as possible, because despite everything life and beauty always win”.

Very sweet interpretation of “If I Ain’t Got You”


Cassandra she ventured into a sweet but also powerful interpretation of “If I Ain’t Got You”, a piece that in 2004 brought a very young girl to success Alicia Keys. The strength of mind, the courage of the young twenty year old can also be found in the final lines of the song

«Some just want everything, but everything means nothing»: «some simply want everything, but everything means nothing».

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