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There are cases in which the Internet can give a push to positively evolve a situation that, apparently, seems to precipitate. This is what happened in the case of a 21-year-old girl, Cassandra, originally from Frattamaggiore in the Neapolitan with talent and passion for singing.

His story, told by Il Mattino, is still in progress but thanks to a video on Youtube he has taken the right turn.

Cassandra in recent months had sent a question to participate in the talent Amici but then in January, after a series of medical tests, he discovered he had leukemia.

“It all started in January, when I realized I had a slightly swollen lymphatic gland in the neck – he says -. At the beginning I didn’t give it much weight, until it reached a considerable size, so I turned to the We went deeper, carrying out various clinical tests which unfortunately gave the most unfortunate outcome: I had leukemia “.

“I started immediately with the hospitalizations and with the cycles of chemotherapy – he adds -. At the beginning I was very scared, it was all new and I believe that nobody really feels ready to face a path of treatment of the kind that upsets your life”.

“I have always been a tough, cheerful and outgoing person – he explains -. So even in this situation I have always tried to face everything while remaining positive, not only for myself, also for those who love me: my parents, my brother and my boyfriend who never left me alone. The hospitalizations for these chemotherapy cycles are very long, I needed to feel good and spend my time in something that would make me feel better. And so I started singing again, a bit myself and a little also for my neighbors in bed and in the room with whom I had a beautiful relationship “.

While in hospital, a convocation for an audition scheduled for 3 July arrives from the editorial staff of Amici.

“That was the only real moment of despair, because for me it was an important goal, since I have been studying since I was 12 years old, and I had to give up on my precarious health conditions”.

Then a nurse came up with the idea to make a video of her singing a song by Alicia Keys.

“Before I was discharged, after the last hospitalization, he asked me to be able to recover while I was singing and I accepted, even if I was a little ashamed – Cassandra confesses -. And within a few hours the video went viral, overcoming our every expectation “.

Subsequently, the editorial staff of Amici rewrote them for a second call. “I explained that I couldn’t introduce myself and I sent him the video to help him understand the situation. They were impressed and allowed me to audition connected from home via Skype.”

The outcome of the audition is not yet known but for sure it is an opportunity for Cassandra to demonstrate her talent, despite the difficulties that arise from her illness.

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