Cars and scooters are no longer allowed on Haarlemmerstraat and dike


Alderman Sharon Dijksma will redesign streets again to give pedestrians more space. Cars and scooters will soon be banned on the Haarlemmerstraat and dyke and they may only drive in one direction on the Museum Bridge.

Cars are only allowed to load and unload between 07:00 and 12:00. All parking spaces will be temporary
lifted and changed into additional loading and unloading areas and bicycle parking areas. The number of bicycle staples in the street has doubled. The existing bicycle racks in the street are turned a quarter of a turn, which according to the municipality ‘creates even more space on the footpath’.

According to Dijksma, residents and entrepreneurs in the street have said that it is more difficult to keep the distance of one and a half meters recommended because of the corona virus because it is getting busier. “By taking measures in various busy places in the city, we ensure that everyone in Amsterdam can enjoy the summer as safely as possible.”

Museumburg one-way traffic

Dijksma also changes the traffic situation on the Museum Bridge, which becomes a one-way bridge for cars. This means that car traffic from the Stadhouderskade is no longer allowed to turn onto the bridge.

Pedestrians will soon be able to walk on the bicycle path and some of the cyclists will have to enter the road. Cyclists coming from the Stadhouderskade enter the lane of the Museum Bridge. Cyclists those going towards the Stadhouderskade will remain on the cycle path.

Car ‘a guest’ in Rijnstraat

Also on the Rijnstraat, the bicycle path becomes part of the footpath and cyclists enter the road. Motorists are ‘guests’ and share the roadway with cyclists. The maximum speed in the street is 30 km per hour. The new situation is made clear with signs, markings and fences. The first three days there are also traffic controllers to keep everything running smoothly.

The works for the Museum Bridge are planned in the evening and night of July 30. The Rijnstraat will be adjusted in the week of August 10-14. And in Haarlemmerstraat the work will take place in phases, between now and August 14.

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