Carlo Calenda: “Did I pass Renzi? He was good. We haven’t talked for a year”


“I am a great admirer of Renzi premier: the most reformist in the history of the Republic. We made a lot of political mistakes, myself included. But I do not agree with a split launched after the Democratic Party had done what Renzi had asked for “. Carlo Calenda says it in an interview with the ‘Corriere della Sera’. His party, Action, according to an Ipsos poll for the Milanese newspaper, would enter Parliament, while Matteo Renzi’s Italia viva would remain outside. It is one of the cases in which the consistency of a very difficult political position slowly pays off, and will pay much more. In the elections we will exceed 8% of Civic Choice: we are taking a path of collecting votes in the area and not of wrong alliances, which is the path that rewarded Meloni and Salvini “, observes Calenda.

As for an alliance with Matteo Renzi’s IV; “Does not exist. I will never make a political alliance with Italy alive. Otherwise it was worth staying in the Democratic Party. We need a real reform center. ” And he admits he hasn’t heard from Renzi “for a year”. “We stopped talking to each other. I don’t have a personal problem, I just don’t share anything he does, “explains Calenda. And he concludes: “I think Action, + Europe and other popular and moderate forces can create a center for reasonableness. If the Italians found themselves again choosing between Salvini and Conte’s government with Casaleggio behind them, the country would be over, “he concludes.

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