Capital markets are in talks to purchase a share from Idigital at a value of NIS 250 million


Poalim Capital Markets, the investment arm of Bank Hapoalim, is in talks with other institutional entities to purchase up to half of the shares of iDigital, an importer of Apple’s iPhones in Israel.

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ToCalcalist It was learned that the contacts are being conducted around a value of about NIS 250 million for iDigital. There is also a possibility that Poalim Capital Markets will carry out the transaction alone and acquire 20% of the company.

Idigital store in the Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv Photo: Shin Cohen

For Poalim Capital Markets CEO Kobi Shalom, this is expected to be the first material transaction in the position. The Sky Fund, which was considering issuing Idigital, will make a partial exit if and when the contacts are successful.

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