Capcom explains why it’s not called Resident Evil 8


Capcom producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Peter Fabiano attended a question and answer session on Weekly Famitsu to definitively clarify why the new Resident Evil will be called Village and not Resident Evil 8.

From the columns of the Japanese videogame weekly, the two representatives of Capcom explained that the absence of direct references to the name of Resident Evil 8 is due to the fact that “we should consider the setting of Resident Evil Village as another character in the game. For this there is no official abbreviation (like RE8, ed), but we would be really happy if you remembered this game simply as Village “.

Also during this Q&A, Capcom producers explained that Resident Evil Village (or simply “Village”, to put it like Kanda and Fabiano) has been in development since three and a half years (with a complete development of 60%) and confirmed that the story will take place in an unspecified country in Europe.

On the pages of you will find our in-depth analysis with all the news on Resident Evil Village on the sidelines of the presentation event of the PS5 games that we attended on 11 June.

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