Canada, new troubles for Trudeau: millionaire contract to a “friend” NGO of the family


New troubles for Justin Trudeau. The Canadian Prime Minister is at the center of the controversy for having awarded a government contract worth 587 million euros to the NGO “We Charity”, a charity that paid the participation of Trudeau’s mother, brother and wife in some of his events . Recent revelations about payments to his family members have prompted the conservative opposition to demand an investigation into possible fraud. While the “Bloc Québécois” independence activists asked the Prime Minister of Canada to withdraw, being replaced by the vice premier during the investigations to clarify this matter.


Canada, Trudeau wins the election but his new government will be in the minority

The contract was later revoked, but yesterday the NGO admitted that it paid about $ 300,000 (equal to € 181,000) to the prime minister’s mother, brother and wife. In particular, mother Margaret Trudeau had $ 250,000 from the association for speeches delivered on 28 occasions between 2016 and 2020.Already in the summer of 2019 the young Canadian prime minister had ended up at the center of the Snc-Lavalin scandal regarding the pressures made by Trudeau and other members of the government on the then Prosecutor General Jody Wilson-Raybould so that, in a trial, he would favor a society of the Québec which has old friendly relations with the Prime Minister’s Liberal Party, the Snc-Lavalin precisely.


Controversy against Justin Trudeau: a photo with a face painted in black inguaia the Canadian Prime Minister

Also in the same year, in September 2019, the weekly Time had published an image portraying Trudeau with his face painted in black, an example of blackface – a practice with racist connotations. The shot dated back to eighteen years ago, immortalized during a fancy dress party in a Vancouver school.

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