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Can you name your favorite biscuits based on a picture? Only real gourmets get everything right from this test – Canteen


This quiz shows you how well you recognize popular biscuits.

Biscuits can evoke surprisingly strong emotional reactions and take you to warm memories. They remind me of how outright the family party coffee table is forced be a specific cookie. And how Grandma always offered just as embarrassing but endearingly “more sex”.

The selection of biscuits has changed many times over the decades, and all the delicacies so dear before are no longer available. Fortunately, there are also many cookies that have managed to retain their place not only in people’s hearts but also on store shelves. We women picked up fourteen biscuits still in the selection for this quiz. Test, Do you remember everyone’s names:

If the test does not appear on your device, you can access it as well from here.

If your biscuit tooth has just started to crack, peek from herehow to get conjured quickly with 64 chocolate chip cookies.

The article was originally published in Me Women. You will find the original story from here.

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