Cameron Evo Joensuu-Ajo’s hero – “It feels so awesome good” – Ravit


The traditional Joensuu-Ajo started with fiery acceleration when Big Headache and T. Rex clashed fiercely. Favorite Big Headache managed to keep the bows by a narrow margin, and although the momentum was taken off in the first corner, the opening half was clocked at 08.5.In the last corner Iikka Nurmonen tried to take off with Big Headache and the rune seemed like a winner for a long time, but Cameron Evo, who had been circling alongside it from another outside, disagreed and sailed on the finish line to a controlled victory in the end. T. Rex took the lead from behind second to Com Milton.

– It feels so awesome to be good when the last year has gone so under the bench with this horse. In the last corner, I was most afraid of Com Milton, who followed us when the first 300 meters of Big Headache went so hard. Towbars were not pulled and other straws were not used. This was the best Cameron Evo this season, and now it was in the direction that this horse should be, Oria directed by Olli Koivunen said.

Harri Koivunen Kari Lähdekorpi is one of the owners of Cameron Evo, Iivo Niskanen and Jethro Rostedt. The profit was rewarded with 10,000 euros.

Orlando Knick, led and coached by Martti Pellika, who had a strong tension from the second outside, took the warm-blooded second series, with a winning time of 12.0aly.

Vixeli 6-year-old kunkku

In the second major race of the day, Kuusivuotiskunku, Vixeli, who started from a distance of 60 meters, set off with an observation and on the first straight back, the most played horse of the round was far from the top. Tapio Perttunen drove the others slowly with his guard and after reaching the group turned 1100 meters before the goal to the third.

At the end of the long Kir, the stallion rolled to a clear victory before Hissun Phoenix and Vokken.

– Another great show from a horse. That little bit of a start is still difficult. When it comes to a good and strong horse, take it for granted so that there is no galloping, Perttunen comments.

The terrible Vixel was considering slightly larger carcasses than today.

– The owner gave one hundred percent decision-making power over whether to declare the royal ravines. It was in the report, but I should have started trimming from behind the car to get a better trip, but I didn’t want to do that. Next year ago, Perttunen stated.

Vixel’s full brothers Vixus and Vixen will take part in the royal race next week.

For Perttunen, the victory of the second T75 was brought by Might Be Romeo, who took the bow in a crushing style.

– The next goal for Derby is, Perttunen said.

Effronte Photo swing

At the start of those with warm-blooded earnings of up to € 50,000, Effronte Photo fetched bows in the hard opening, but it didn’t show anywhere, as the rook detached as much as the 08.5-speed finish, winning the show style.

– It feels like it’s petrified every year and now the rune shows what it can do. Surprisingly much was left and it was super good today, Jukka Torvinen stated about his driving.

The Imakeituptothesky, played as a clear favorite in the volt output of warm-blooded mares, stayed out of the closed runway all the way to the bag and the field was open to surprises. Tuomo Määttänen took advantage of the situation owned, coached, and directed by Jasmine Zon, who let in between the bows off and the letter at the end leading from the back to the top.

At the second cold blood output of the T75 sites, power was requested, as the distance was 3140 meters. Teemu Keskitalon proved to be the strongest directed by Meren Maininki, who pulled the bow at an accelerating pace and held a meager victory at the end.

Right Toto75 line Joensuu 25.7.

Toto75-1: 4 Orlando Knick

Toto75-2: 4 Might Be Romeo

Toto75-3: 7 Jasmine Zon

Toto75-4: 1 The name of the sea

Toto75-5: 6 Effronte Photo

Toto75-6: 8 Vixeli

Toto75-7: 2 Cameron Evo

EUR 4778.62 for the Seven Correct results

Six correct: 85.39 euros

Five right: 7.64 euros

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