Calenda: «Did I pass Renzi? He was good, but we haven’t talked to him for a year. That time by Putin … »


Carlo Calenda, with the pure proportional (and 3% barrier) according to the Ipsos survey for Courier service , Action would enter Parliament, while Matteo Renzi’s Italia viva would remain outside. Is it one of the cases in which the disciple surpasses “the master” or is there something else? (Here all the data and the article by Nando Pagnoncelli)
“It is one of the cases in which the consistency of a very difficult political position slowly pays off, and it will pay much more. In the elections we will exceed 8% of Civic Choice: we are taking a path of collecting votes in the area and not of wrong alliances, which is the path that rewarded Meloni and Salvini. We collect 40 thousand euros every month with small donations ».

She alone, according to the polls, has more votes than Italy alive. And Renzi’s detractors say he “has more MPs than votes.” Do you think he’ll pull the plug on the government?
«Nobody will pull the plug on anything, because in this country nobody really wants to govern. I think the three tsunamis will pull the plug: economic, social and financial. The first is already in place. The social one will start in autumn, while the financial one will arrive in 2021. Italy will need a quantitative easing forever, impossible. It would take a government of broad agreement: the problem is that the electorate is divided into gangs that hate each other. There are fierce contrasts, tones of civil war ».

You and the ex prime minister have launched two splits from the Democratic Party. You peck yourself constantly, but in some cases you have signed alliances, as in Puglia against the governor Emiliano …
«I am a great admirer of Renzi premier: the most reformist in the history of the Republic. We made a lot of political mistakes, myself included. But I do not agree with a split launched after the Democratic Party had done what Renzi had asked for. I left because I was against the alliance with the M5S. In Puglia the agreement on Ivan Scalfarotto was found against a sovereignist like Fitto and a populist like Emiliano. The latter is a bit like a pan where you throw all the worst of Italy ».

With Renzi you seem a little Sandra and Raimondo: you always fight, but you need each other …
“Does not exist. I will never make a political alliance with Italy alive. Otherwise it was worth staying in the Democratic Party. We need a real reform center ».

How often do you feel with «Matteo»?
“I haven’t heard from him in a year.”

You have two not-so-placid characters: what did you fight about the last time?
«We simply stopped talking to each other. I don’t have a personal problem, I just don’t share anything he does. ”

Give us a thousand days anecdote at Palazzo Chigi.
«We went with Renzi to visit Putin, in St. Petersburg, for a great economic event in front of ten thousand supporters of the Russian president. Matteo in his speech said that Putin could not give democracy lessons to the USA. And then he severely criticized LGBT discrimination in Russia, saying that identity does not mean denial of rights. Renzi took more applause than Putin: it was one of the bravest things I have seen done in my life ».

Do you believe that at the next Action Policies, maybe with + Europe you can create a new liberal field? A sort of Margherita 2.0 …
“No. I think Action, + Europe and other popular and moderate forces can create a center for reasonableness. If the Italians found themselves again choosing between Salvini and Conte’s government with Casaleggio behind them, the country would be over. It is a game that Renzi cannot play: it is part of a populist group, which he gave birth to and legitimized ».

Could there be Forza Italia in a similar project?
“No. Forza Italia has made a choice of submission to the sovereigns ».

July 11, 2020 (change July 11, 2020 | 10:15 pm)


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