“Cairo go away”: the dispute with the owner of Toro – La Stampa starts again


TORINO. Protest at Robaldo and flash mob at the stadium a few hours after the derby. The contestation of a part of the Toro fans fueled by the new defeats of Moreno Longo’s team takes breath. Tonight a new eloquent banner with the usual word “Cairo go away” stuck between the photo of the patron grenade appeared on the gates of the former sports center near Stupinigi that the Bull has been awarded for 20 years with the aim of transferring all the youth : a project that has remained in the pipeline as so far, partly because of the coronavirus, the shadow of a bulldozer has not been seen. The umpteenth episode of a silent protest that began last November, but significant in that it has touched several “grenade” areas not only of the city, from the Basilica of Superga to the square in front of the Municipality which has become a symbol of the rise of Cairo, but also of the rest of the region, like Masio where the publisher has the family home.

And now, in the era of coronavirus and social distancing, flash mobs are back in fashion. For the grenade contestants, the one organized next Saturday at 10.45 am in via Filadelfia in front of the gates of the Curva Primavera will be the second in two weeks. It will be a special day, given that Turin will face Juventus shortly after in the silence of the Stadium.

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