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The Salentinians return third, but they can complain about the many wrong goals and the great saves of the home goalkeeper. Zenga loses Nainggolan because of an injury

A draw that smacks of regret for Liverani’s Lecce. The second consecutive 0-0, however, for Cagliari of Zenga. The Sardinia Arena missed the goals, not the emotions. Because the guests tried to win until the end, perhaps exhorted by overtaking Genoa in the standings with the success on the Spal in Marassi. To stop the Salento were an incredible pole of Babacar in the first half and the parades of a miraculous Cragno. Disappointing, however, the offensive race of the rossoblù, especially after the injury of Nainggolan.

How many knockouts

Zenga lines up the usual Joao Pedro and Simeone in front, Nainggolan to weave the game and behind the Walukiewicz-Klavan-Lykogiannis package. Only bench for Pisacane, Ceppitelli and Carboni, Ionita in the middle of the field, with Mattiello going to the left and Nandez to the whole band to the right. Liverani responds with an ultra offensive formation: Mancosu and Barak from indoors, Falco and Saponara behind Babacar. Cagliari starts better, but in the first half the most sensational occasion is the Salento brand: Cragno rejects the blow from Saponara, the ball becomes good for Babacar who hits the post from two steps. A mistake at Gagliardini. Previously, Cragno had been phenomenal on the Falco market. Cagliari, however, in the first half hour pushes a lot, without hurting. Then the rain of injuries begins: in a few minutes, Nainggolan, Falco and Calderoni fall into Ragatzu, Farias and Rispoli. The game is lowered in tone, even in the heat, but before the break I am Saponara on one side and Ragatzu on the other to slightly widen the shot with my right.


Lecce returns from the locker room with the right attitude. At 55 ‘Saponara scores, but in offside. Three minutes later, from an action by Mancosu, Babacar first engages Cragno from close range, then Mancosu himself kicks on the post with an empty goal, but luckily for him offside. Cagliari is frayed, it is delivered to the guests restarts, which are close to the advantage even with the diagonal of Farias, soiled in the corner by Walukiewicz. Zenga understands that something needs to be corrected and inserts Birsa and Faragò for Ionita and Mattiello. Liverani responds with a double conservative change: Majer and Deiola (it will take a few seconds after one of the fastest admonitions in history) for Babacar and Petriccione. Mancosu advances in attack, but Cagliari is not watching: first Nandez raises his aim too much from a favorable position (79 ‘), then Simeone forces Gabriel to reject it with his right (81′). The parade of the day, however, is still by Cragno, who in the 85th minute is simply amazing diving into Farias’ strong and angled shot from the edge. It is the signal that from 0-0 we do not really crash. Cagliari rises to 41 points, Lecce down to 29 comes third last. Today he would be demoted, but the struggle continues.

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