Cabinet of young people: stick to the rules


Young people do not always adhere to the rules of corona on holiday, the cabinet notes. They are therefore reminded via social media, for example, that keeping a distance and other precautions are important in order not to revive the coronavirus.

Mayors have been warning for some time that young people are ‘corona tired’ and that they no longer take it too seriously with the corona regulations, at home and on vacation. Student drinks played an important role in the revival of the virus in Rotterdam. Participants in youth trips “do not always keep to the agreements,” said Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health).

Influencers, on Instagram and Snapchat and in response to searches, highlight the importance of corona rules to young people. Parents also receive that message. The minister has also asked the universities and colleges to remind students and student associations of their responsibility, he writes to the House of Representatives.

By: ANP | Photo: ANP

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