“But that evening …”, the truth about the greaser – Libero Quotidiano


More details emerge on the new outbreak in Veneto, in the Vicenza area, the one that originates from the manager returning from a trip to Serbia for which Luca Zaia invoked “forced hospitalization and Tso”, incidentally intercepting the consent of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. As is known, the greaser, despite the serious symptoms and fever at 38 (in the following days the hospitalization became inevitable and is now in intensive care), had taken part in a funeral and also in a very crowded birthday party, in which, as is known, the city councilor also attended Joe Formaggio. But not only. It turned out that at the same party they had also taken part Giuseppe Cruciani and Alberto Gottardo, the first presenter of La Zanzara on Radio 24 and the second journalist who occasionally takes part in the same broadcast. The two, however, say calmly: “We left at ten in the evening, when he had not yet arrived. It was still an outdoor party,” explained the two.

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