Busy traffic on roads due to recreational traffic, trains to Zandvoort full NOW


The nice weather will lead to heavy traffic on trains and trains on Friday. There are traffic jams in particular towards the popular seaside resorts. The NS warns that it is impossible to keep a distance in trains to Zandvoort because of the crowds.

At around 11.00 am there was a total of approximately 350 kilometers of traffic jams on Dutch roads. The crowds are mainly caused by holiday and recreational traffic, says an ANWB spokesperson.

On the A12 near Arnhem it is “very busy” because of German holidaymakers who come to our country. In North Holland it is also fixed on roads to Zandvoort and Bloemendaal and in South Holland to Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland.

There are also long traffic jams towards the Zeeland beaches. “Actually, it is lining up along the entire west coast,” said the spokesman.

Due to the beautiful summer weather, the NS runs all day with six trains an hour to and from Zandvoort. On Friday morning these trains were already packed. It is therefore not possible to keep your distance, reports the NS. Because of the corona virus, wearing a mask is mandatory on public transport.

Tropical day with temperatures up to 35 degrees

Friday is a sunny and tropical day. With a weak to moderate southeast wind, it will be 25 degrees in the northeastern coastal area to locally 35 degrees in the extreme south of the country.

RIVM has issued a warning for smog in the south and center of the country before Friday. Smog can develop especially in the afternoon and early evening, so that people who are sensitive to this can experience complaints.

In the evening a bit more cloud spreads over Zeeland, which gradually expands over the rest of the country at night. It doesn’t cool down very much; the minimum temperature lingers around 17 degrees.

Saturday there will be more clouds from which a shower can fall locally. The mercury is between 24 degrees in the west and 32 degrees in the east.


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