Btp Futura, Treasury fixes rates, Monday placement – Economy


From Monday 6 July to Friday 10, the placement of the new 100% retail BTP Futura government bond, designed to finance interventions for the post-Covid19 recovery. The Ministry of Economy and Finance announced this, explaining that it will have guaranteed minimum coupon rates of 1.15%, 1.30% and 1.45%.
“The proceeds from the Futura BTP will be entirely destined to finance the various measures envisaged post Covid19 for income support and job protection, the strengthening of the national health system and support for Italian families and businesses”, underlines the MEP.
Via XX Settembre explains that the definitive coupon rates will be announced at the close of the placement, and in any case cannot be lower than the minimum guaranteed coupon rates: 1.15% from the 1st to the 4th year, 1.30% from the 5th in the 7th year, 1.45% from the 8th or 10th year.
The Futura BTP will have six-monthly nominal coupons, calculated on the basis of pre-established rates and increasing over time. The security has a 10-year maturity and a loyalty bonus of 1% of the invested capital will be provided, which may increase up to a maximum of 3% of the amount subscribed, based on the average annual nominal GDP growth rate of Italy registered by Istat during the life of the security, for those who purchase it at issue and hold it until maturity.
Commissions will not be applied to the subscriber for purchases on placement days, while the usual discounted tax on government bonds of 12.5% ​​and the exemption from inheritance taxes will continue to be applied as for the other Coupons of the Multi-year Treasury.
It is possible to purchase the BTP Futura, as well as in the bank or at the post office, also online through home-banking.


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