Bru De Bruyne scores a great goal and equals a legendary record, the curtain falls for the Champions League and in the relegation battle – Football News


The curtain on the Premier League has fallen. The champion was known for some time, but now the battle for the Champions League and the relegation is completely decided. It remained exciting on all fronts until the closing minutes.

Kevin De Bruyne spoke with a very nice goal at the stroke of half time, good for a nice victory, ultimately also 5-0. KDB also unpacked with an assist, equaling Henry’s record.

Manchester United made it to Leicester City with the smallest difference and can thus go to the Champions League, where Tielemans and Praet narrowly miss.

Degradation struggle

At the bottom it was also exciting, because Bournemouth won at Everton and got involved in the battle with Aston Villa and Watford.

The latter team lost and thus relegates to The Championship, with Aston Villa it eventually became 1-1 and that is just enough for the retention.

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