Borsa Italiana, the comment of today’s meeting (14 July 2020)


Shy rebound for Atlantia, after ending the session on July 13 with a thump of 15.2%.  Banking sector stocks without direction.  In red Enel  </p><div>

            <!-- <EdIndex> --><p><img style="float: left;" src="" alt="market-negative" width="200" /> The main indices of Borsa Italiana and the main European financial markets <strong>are confirmed in negative territory</strong>.  In particular, Frankfurt and Paris lose over 1.5%.  Pierre Veyret - ActivTrades technical analyst - reported that <strong>Investors' attention is drawn to the surge in corporate earnings arriving this week</strong>.  According to the expert, traders expect solid business results that could provide renewed momentum to the equity markets.  "However, the fact that gold is still trading above $ 1,800 indicates that traders are also trying to hedge their exposure to securities with safe-haven assets in case business results disappoint and global uncertainties re-emerge." warned Pierre Veyret.

At 11.30 the FTSEMib it registered a decrease of 0.92% to 19.819 points, after having oscillated between a minimum of 19.677 points and a maximum of 19.865 points. At the same time on FTSE Italia All Share it lost 0.97%. Minus sign also for the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (-1.15%) and for the FTSE Italia Star (-1,15%).

L’euro stands at $ 1,135. The spread btp bundle is over 165 points.

Shy rebound for Atlantia (+ 1.89%), after finishing the session on July 13 with a thump of 15.2%. The market believes the withdrawal of the concession to the subsidiary Autostrade per l’Italia is highly probable, a situation that would lead to serious repercussions on the financial structure of the two companies.

Banking sector stocks without direction. Today in the United States some financial giants will report the financial results of the second quarter of 2020.

Intesa Sanpaolo registers 0.55% progress. The voluntary totalitarian public exchange offer for a maximum of 1,144,285,146 ordinary shares of UBI Banca (-0.39%). Currently, 15,546,191 shares have been tendered, equal to 1.359% of the capital of UBI Banca. Meanwhile, the board of directors of Cattolica Assicurazioni (-0.67%) resolved to join the OPS launched by IntesaSanpaolo.

The excellent performance of BPER Bank (+3,43%).

Enel loses 1.47% to 8.003 euros. According to reports from some press agencies, the infrastructure fund Wren House would be interested in the 50% stake held by the electric giant in OpenFiber.

Unieuro still rising sharply (+ 5.04%), in the wake of some new target prices from investment banks after the dissemination of the results of the first quarter 2020/2021.


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