Bonus Holidays, the step-by-step guide. And the first social troubles


FORESEEN by the Relaunch Decree, n.34 / 2020, the ‘holiday bonus’ starts today. This is a contribution of up to 500 euros to be used to stay in hotels, campsites, tourist villages, farmhouses and bed & breakfasts exclusively in Italy and which do not make use of intermediaries such as Booking or Expedia. The window to request it opens on July 1st and will expire on December 31st. The overall financial commitment is around 2.4 billion euros.


Spid and App for the holiday voucher, the discount for bikes still in the pits: here’s how to get the bonuses

The bonus up to 500 euros

Not everyone will receive 500 euros. The full amount is reserved for families of at least three people. It drops to 300 for those with two components and 150 euros for single people. In addition, not all the amount can be discounted directly on the room or camping rate: 80%, for which 400 euros for a group of three people, for example, is spent as a direct discount on the amount. The remaining 20%, i.e. 100 euros in our example, remains available as a tax deduction in the tax return. A modulation that certainly does not make life easier for customers.

No to digital intermediaries

As explained, watch out for reservations: the bonus can only be used with payment made “without the intermediation of subjects that manage platforms or telematic portals other than travel agencies and tour operators “. So either you book and pay through travel agencies, tour operators or directly agreeing with the structure, or you will not be able to take advantage of it.

Questions and answers

Holiday bonus, how to settle for a family of five?

What to prepare for the request: Spid (or Cie) and Isee

First of all, download IO, the Italian public services application developed by PagoPa Spa and obviously available for both iOS and Android. It is then necessary to have Spid, the digital identity that a member of the family must have already obtained in one of the many possible ways (over 7 million Italians already have it), or CIE 3.0 electronic identity card, to be used with the CieID app. Finally, a valid Isee of less than 40 thousand euros is needed. For the calculation it is necessary to present to the accredited bodies the single substitute declaration which contains the personal, income and property data of the family unit: it is valid from the moment of presentation and until 31 December following. If desired, the DSU to obtain the ISEE can also be carried out independently, using the precompiled model available from 1 January last (introduced with the tax decree connected to the 2017 maneuver and postponed several times) to be accessed with the INPS device pin, again Spid or Electronic Identity Card, Revenue Agency Pin, National Services Card. In this way, the use of the Caf, accountant or accredited tax authority is avoided.

Questions and answers

Holiday bonus, can it be used for the hotel paid in February where will we go in August?

How to request: the procedure

The procedure is simple. Once IO has been downloaded, you must log in with the Spid or Cie details. If it is the first time you access IO, you will need to set a six-digit unlock code and possibly enable biometric authentication. The “Bonuses and discounts” section is highlighted as a novelty even if in the “Payments” area. Inside there is little to go wrong: the only possible action is to click on “Holiday Bonus-Revenue Agency”. A screen opens summarizing the main requirements with a button, “Request Holiday Bonus”, which starts the procedure. At this point it is necessary to have already made an ISEE request in the presence, through Caf or other entities, or on your own. If the system does not find certification in the INPS database, it simply returns a denial. And yet it guides the user, if he wishes, to request it. Conversely, if the ISEE is identified, it provides a screen with a summary of the discount granted.

Bonus Holidays, the step-by-step guide. And the first social troubles

Malfunctions reported on social media

Several users have reported in the last hours, for example on Twitter, some problems right at this stage. Once the request has been made and after viewing the amount due following the intersection of the data with the INPS database, the user has 24 hours to formalize it with the “Activate the bonus” command and thus obtain the QR code and the unique code necessary for the operator to “read” and apply the discount at check-out. Yet many claim to have obviously formalized the request in a matter of seconds, as it is natural to conclude the practice for the rest really linear as soon as possible, but to have stumbled upon a strange “time out” screen: for the application it was as if 24 hours had already passed. So the procedure must be carried out from the beginning. “The 24 hours needed to continue your request have expired. We ask you to start a new request “reads the screen. We contacted a user who ran into the problem that assured us that he had made the request four times before unlocking the codes. Others explain that they have already tried it a dozen times. Many other similar reports have been accumulating for hours on social networks, evidently due to problems related to overloading the app servers due to the numerous requests that arrived on the first day of operation. From other users, however, it seems that everything is going smoothly.

Bonus Holidays, the step-by-step guide. And the first social troubles

Reactions to measurement

From the citizens’ point of view, much will obviously depend on the membership of the structures: how many will really accept to practice the discount provided by the “Holiday Bonus”? Marina Lalli, president of Federturismo Confindustria, explained that his association remains “lukewarm on the measure”: “As much as we understand that the intention was to help the sector, in fact we realize that it will be a difficult measure to use, because it is not made easy to use. It will also not be very easy for companies, because it means going to pick up this 80% somewhere, another cumbersome investigation for companies in an already complicated moment “.It echoes it Alberto Corti of Confturismo Confocommercio: “We all asked for a different, broader, more detached measure from the income brackets. But today we are in the middle of the season and we have a tool that does not drive us crazy, to tell the truth, but we must make the best of it, we must not throw it overboard and we must try to promote it to the fullest. At the end of the season we will then do the calculations. No longer on our opinions but on what has actually been used “. Codacons is more critical, returning to the ban on using it with intermediaries that the vast majority of travelers now resort to naturally, such as Booking, Airbnb, or Expedia, (“thus cutting out a huge slice of consumers”), and underlines also the increases in the sector which will make it substantially useless.

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