Bonus 1000 euro INPS in May or non-refundable contribution? The expert clarifies


Bonus 1000 euro INPS or non-refundable contribution which can I access? Am I entitled to apply for the 1000 euro bonus in May even if I opened VAT in 2019 and cannot demonstrate the drop in turnover? And if instead I opened years ago but in amrzo and April 2019 I had zero income, and also in March April 2020 I confirmed zero income, can I request the May bonus? Many questions that our readers they have left us, to many we have provided ourselves to answer, for the others, being particularly precise, we asked for expert support, for other known to our readers. We are talking about Domenico Cosentino, former patronage president, which gave us some time to answer, after a long introduction to the most salient issues released on the portal.

Bonus € 1000 INPS in May and non-refundable contribution: Cosentino “are not enough to start again”

Before answering the questions I want to make a judgment, also critical, on the administrative measures implemented by the government in order to contain the negative economic effects of the pandemic. Certainly the health, economic and social management of an event such as an infection, on a global scale such as that of the coronavirus, in its extraordinary ability to spread, has not been and is not yet an easy undertaking. In any case, I believe that the interventions implemented are only of an “assistance” nature which briefly include the reasoning you have lost 100, I have put a piece in it and give you 30 and we try to compensate for the damage‘. To date, unfortunately, in fact, I don’t see real structural interventions aimed at encouraging a real recovery economy of our country, and many sectors were already struggling ‘to stay afloat’ before Covid 19, let alone now, we need measures that really help a ‘relaunch’ of work and encourage companies to keep open not to settle for bonuses and shock absorbers. THEn second place, once again known, great confusion among citizens and difficulties in interpreting the various measures.

There are no clear, short and precise rules with a single and certain interpretation but, unfortunately, various measures that have often given rise to doubts attributable also to idifferent and contradictory information / communications from the providers who are struggling in turn unravel in the various articles and paragraphs of the decrees issued. Now let’s try to answer a few questions left on the site, many of them are alike, demonstrating that the doubts are the same and the decree is hazy. Now I will try to answer the questions that you have turned to me hoping to be able to resolve some doubts.

1000 INPS bonus or non-refundable contribution: who can apply?

I opened the VAT in July 2019. Am I entitled to the May bonus INPS? I cannot demonstrate a drop in turnover as VAT in April 2019 is still non-existent.

As repeatedly pointed out by the journalist Erica Venditti in her works and in the responses to readers, this case is not specified in the relaunch decree, but in principle and by analogy with other provisions that mention this exception, see similar case mentioned for access to the non-refundable contribution, in my opinion, can access without having to demonstrate the drop in turnover.

My husband is a craftsman and has applied for a non-refundable contribution (the company is in his name) but I am a collaborator in the family business and I pay VAT contributions. I can ask for the 1000 euro bonus in May

The non-refundable contribution provided for by art. 25 of dl 34/2020 is due to companies with an amount of revenues pursuant to art. 85, paragraph 1, letters a) and b), of the TUIR, relating to the 2019 tax period, not exceeding 5 million euros and so the bonus is up to the company. So she just claimed the bonus from her husband. If you are classified as an artisan, you cannot claim the 1000 euro bonus in May because artisans and traders are excluded.

THEThe 1000 euro bonus will be paid by June or will they starve us and steal us to eat?!? thank you, an angry citizen.

Dear angry citizen, and you are, there are many of us, unfortunately getting angry is not very useful, we just have to try to start again and demonstrate to all and also to our rulers our being Italian. However INPS talks about short-term payments, we trust it is really so and that therefore it can benefit from the bonus in next days of July.

Bonus 1000 euro INPS: that’s who’s out

Hello, I am a freelancer with a VAT number open 6 YEARS AG and registered in the separate INPS management. I have already received a bonus of € 600 for the month of March and April. As regards the month of May I find myself in the situation of having zero turnover in April 2019 and zero turnover in the month of April 2020. How to behave in this case? Can one still apply? Thanks for the reply.

First of all, you must be able to demonstrate a 33% drop in turnover not only in April, this parameter applies only to the non-refundable contribution, but for the two months March April 2020 compared to March April 2019. If in 2019 he already had zero turnover, it is difficult to get the 1000 euro bonus INPS because it cannot demonstrate the drop, exactly as those who opened the VAT number in 2019 could object to you, true, but in your specific case you had zero turnover in the months of March and April already in 2019 reason why your activity appears to be already in crisis regardless of Covid 19. Difficult to prove otherwise. In my opinion, he is NOT entitled to it.

I am also in the same situation, 0 euro every two months 2019 and 2020 and I would like to understand why never again zero loss what must be shown … Can you please indicate whether it is like this or if we can do something? thanks in advance for the reply …

You’re right the drop is evident in 2020, and here it could be attributable to Covid 19, but in the second two-month period 2019, to what cause was its zero turnover attributable? The INPS could also tell you in contradiction that even this year Covid 19 or not Covid would have confirmed the trend with zero turnover that he had in 2019. This is not a 33% loss but a confirmation of its previous turnover. In my opinion CANNOT request it.

Hi, I’m a freelancer with a flat rate scheme. I can’t understand how I have to do the calculations to understand the 33% reduction in income, for the May INPS bonus. Like that, in March I received money for the month of November 2019, do I have to keep it in mind as March 2020 income even if a bill from last year? Thanks a lot to those who can help me with this method of calculation. Thanks so much.

Of course the invoice, and here is one of the paradoxes of the relaunch decree on which professionals focus, only look at the turnover of the two-month 2020 in relation to the two-month 2019, therefore if you have collected, for your bad luck in this case, a payment relating to benefits of November 2019 to March 2020, they must be counted as March income. So you are NOT entitled to it. The cash principle is used to calculate the difference between the cashed in the reference periods.

Bonus 1000 euro INPS I can apply, P.I born in 2019 how do I show the drop?

Hello, in 2019, until October, I was an employee. In early February 2020 I opened VAT, flat rate, separate management and, unfortunately, to date I have not yet issued any invoices. I have received the 2 € 600 bonuses, but it is not clear to me if I can request the € 1000 bonus!

Hi, I opened the VAT flat-rate scheme in January 2020, and I am registered in the separate management, I applied for the 600 euro bonus and it was accepted and paid for March and April, but now for May what do I do, if in 2019 I had not invoiced since I did not have the VAT? Thank you

Same situation… the problem is to understand if it is worth trying and, badly, it will not be accepted, or if you risk going to the penalty for false self-certification, because you are anyway declaring something that cannot be declared because the parameters are missing.

According to my interpretation, univocal for all the above questions, since the spirit of the relaunch decree is to contribute to the loss of turnover due to the pandemic, I believe it is possible in the presence of a real loss of turnover relating to the months of lockdown, to submit the application. The cases in question, as we said previously, they also seem to resume the ratio for the new 2019/2010 openings inherent in the lost fund which allows you to submit an application without having to self-certify the drop in turnover. Obviously, the paying agency could ask for further specifications so it must be available in the event of a hearing to better represent the facts. I would proceed with the submission of the application

We thank the specifications released by Domenico Cosentino and we hope the article will come in handy, if you still have doubts, write us in the appropriate comments section. Anyone who intends to resume part of the expert’s statements, being exclusive to the site, is required to cite the source. thanks to his serious and punctual information he has been selected by the Google News, if you want to be always updated on our latest news follow us through GNEWS going on this page and clicking the button follow. or activate the notifications by clicking on the red bell below on the left! Thank you!

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